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Is it possible to redefine a MySQL variable in an SQL script?

I want to create a SQL script to update information on a database that keeps track of the size of logs created by the DB. I only have access to the DB via the command line.
I want to have a script that looks something like this:
$UpdateLogSize = ;

I’ve looked into online solutions such as using the ChangeParameter function, however I want to have the option of redoing that all the changes that had been made previously before running the script.
Is there anyway to do this?


You can’t change a variable you’re defining inside a query; you need to define it as a global variable, and reference it in your script, like so:
/usr/bin/mysql -u $USER -p$PASSWORD $DBNAME I didn’t ask your mother on Monday if you were allowed to watch
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The conference “had no time to notice” that football is violent, I
expect. And I don’t care that it has no time to notice it. I doubt they
noticed it anyway. It’s not a priority for them. But why, I wonder, should
the priorities of the conference be more important than the priorities
of the colleges, the athletes, the communities, the young men and women
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Yet another sister of a Penn State player has broken her silence,
saying the decision by a New Jersey judge to free Joe Paterno this
month is the biggest mistake ever made by a judge.

“You are sentencing a man for a crime he didn’t commit. That is
a crime,” Nancy Woodford, sister of former safety Ivan Williams,