Dying Light Save Game Fix


Dying Light Save Game Fix

The new Dying Light 2 update also increased the maximum texture size in the game to 2048×2048 pixels. In addition, all Windows users will receive an updated graphics driver that includes additional settings and a quality level of ‘acceptable’. With the new update, Dying Light 2 will be playable on most displays that drivers are currently compatible with, so this was a big step toward a more unified experience out of the box. It’s probably worth playing a little before the update anyway, since it looks and runs much better. The game also makes use of Nvidia’s triple buffering feature, which we saw in last month’s big Battlefield 1 update. As a result, Dying Light 2 loading times appear to be significantly shorter than Last Light was. It’s not about to beat the likes of PUBG, though, with Last Light fixing the game’s frame-rate issues while other top online titles struggle. Dying Light 2 will play at a locked 30 FPS.

The update is fairly simple, and even those on the console need only keep one copy of the primary game installed. Players will have to manually override the references in the game files, though, due to the way the Xbox Play Anywhere game format works. Techland has confirmed that a console update will come “later this year”, to bring the game’s content up to the standards of the PC experience. Old saves will not be compatible with the new update, but existing players will be able to grab new ones upon installation.

PCs will be able to take advantage of its large single-player story by playing from their ‘Downloads’ folder, and can be initiated on the console using the ‘DLC’ option. This has the downside that if a player swaps to the download folder, then it won’t load the save from before the change. We therefore suggest that those with more than one graphics card keep the game installed on Steam if they want access to all of the options currently contained within Last Light’s ‘Official’ DLC.